Personal Productivy Chasers

About Kleep

We believe that in this high-speed digital era that we live time is the most valuable asset we all have, with Kleep we wanted to approach the optimization of micro-actions, helping you save time in the most basic and day-day tasks you perform.

Copy-pasting is without a doubt an essential keyboard shortcut for 99% of computer users, it is the fastest way to gather and share information that we or another users has generated.

We wanted to optimize the copying and pasting experience and take it to a whole new level, and that’s Kleep. Your copying and pasting assistant, it automatically saves and displays all of your copied items in a clean, easy to navigate dashboard.


About Us

Costarrican go-getters and tech junkies would best describe us! Hi, We’re Julián and Roberto, co-founders of Kleep. We started Kleep back in April 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic, having a lot of time in our hands we decided to create something that would keep us busy during those free-hours and that could potentially flourish into something special.

“I’m passionate about all types of creative outlets, specially design! What area of design specially? Really all of them, but as a graphic and UX designer myself, those two are definitely up there! I’m the CEO, I graduated from college back in 2019 with a major in business administration from the University of Science and Technology here in Costa Rica. I have been working as a graphic designer since I was 19 years old, later on started developing websites and naturally made my way into software with Kleep!”

– Julián Cabada


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