Copy Paste,

but better.

Kleep automatically stores and displays all of your clipboard items in one place. Boost your productivity by discovering the true power of the infamous copy-paste.

So what is Kleep exactly?

Kleep is a computer app available for both Mac and Windows that automatically saves and displays all of your copied items in a clean, easy-to-navigate dashboard

Cool features come standard with Kleep

Create annotations, folders, and even color-code anything you copy onto your clipboard!

Kleep allows you to multi-copy paste items, making it the perfect tool to use in any kind of research work you might need to tackle.

Search your clipboard via keyword or date, find information quick.


Two apps in one?

Kleep also includes a quick-access tray that displays on top of your screen, it allows you to see in real time everything that is being copied onto your clipboard. You can pin it, so it won’t go anywhere when you click out of it!


Yep, just $2.99 a month or $24.00 a year! Also, forget complicated pricing, we’ve packaged everything and created a one-fits-all plan to support students, developers, designers and everyday users.


  • 1 Month Free-Trial
  • Unlimited storage (Cloud Based)
  • Keyword and date based search
  • Unlimited Folders
  • Annotations and color coding
  • Multi-copy pasting


Let’s Go!

Download Kleep now and start enjoying a truly effective organization.

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